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Ghost Tours

Stay close to your experienced paranormal tour guide as you hear of bone chilling personal encounters with the ghosts inside one of the most Actively Haunted Homes in all of America. Find out the secret legendary history of the mansion and why some of the souls that passed through the home... never left.  Escape into the past and learn of the history and funeral customs of the families of old New Orleans. Learn current in-depth theories of what ghosts really are and learn to challenge your perceptions to have your own personal paranormal experience. Hear stories of guests who came in unbelievers, but left skeptics no more! You will witness a live demonstration of actual equipment the Paranormal Research Team at the Mortuary uses in their own investigations... Stay close to your guide as you descend into the bowels of the decayed embalming room by candlelight! 

    Its not just a tour, its an experience!

  Ghost Hunting  

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience your own personal ghost story? Then it's time to step inside one of America's most actively Haunted Mansions and prove that you have what it takes to venture into the darkness and make contact with the other side. The paranormal team at the Haunted Mortuary is proud to present the world's first exclusive ghost hunter training ground and invites you to assist in their own cutting edge investigations! You begin the evening with a "how-to session" conducted by a professional paranormal investigator. You can then enter the  evidence vault to learn the history of the sprawling mansion or to see the results of other investigators just like you! Once you’re confident enough, it's time to begin your own journey into the spectral world & experience your own interactive ghost hunt!  If you don't have your own equipment, no problem! Any evidence you uncover will be stored in our evidence vault and credited to you for future investigators to examine. It's time to stop just watching the guys on TV and get in on the adventure!


General Information


We are now scheduling Tours and Ghost Hunting Investigations. Please call our office to make a reservation. Minimum group requirements for tours apply in combination between your group and all others scheduling at the same time. Our goal is at least 25 guests for each tour date and time or it is possible that you may be asked to reschedule. Please note that if you call to schedule a half night, or overnight stay you must pay in full by credit card when you call and make your reservations. Once you have made payment, there will be NO REFUNDS. So, make sure that when you make the reservation, you can keep it. To go on half night or overnight tours you must be at least 21 years of age or have a parent/legal guardian with you. Important Info for the Guided Tours: Camcorders are not permitted on regular guided tours. They are permitted on ghost hunting half night and overnight stays. No large spotlights, large powerful flashlights or head lamps will be permitted on the regular guided tours. You may only use small pen lights or basic two cell flash lights. Also, special event bookings for venue rentals could cause any date to be cancelled and rescheduled. If necessary, we will work with you to reschedule your tour.



Children's Birthday Parties, School Groups, & Summer Camp Groups

The Haunted Mortuary offers special rates for hosting a Child’s Birthday Party in the Red Theatre. Have you ever experienced a séance? This is your opportunity to discover the origins and history of the séance, then… experience an exciting interactive séance simulation. It’s an exhilarating encounter you won’t soon forget! Then have the kids explore the cavernous basement if they dare. It’s a thrilling sample of the infamous Mortuary Haunted House. We recommend that the age groups for parties of this type start at 12 years of age. Contact our sales staff for more information and bookings.


Tour Group

When you make your plans to bring your tour group to New Orleans, Mystère Mansion’s Mortuary Ghost Tour is at the top of the list for must-sees. Click here for more information on our tours.


Film Productions & Photo Shoots

The historic venue is also available for movie and production filming as well as private photo shoots.

To schedule a visit to The Haunted Mortuary call 504.579.4431 or email



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Space is extremely limited!


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