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Welcome to the official site of The Haunted Mortuary
in New Orleans, LA

The Haunted Mortuary is an icon of old New Orleans at the very dead end of world famous Canal Street. It is an architecturally stunning manor located in Mid-City less than 3 miles from the enchanting French Quarter. This magnificent home was originally built in 1872 and has a neo-classical revival style exterior with an eclectic Victorian interior. It’s over 137 years old and actually operated for about 80 years as an actual mortuary. The property is monitored 24/7 by over 30 cameras (including night vision, color, and thermal) with devices to listen for and record Electronic Voice Phenomena to detect and document the existence of ghosts.

This is an actively-haunted, 14,000 square foot, 3-story mansion surrounded by New Orleans’ Cities of the Dead and with nine known resident ghosts documented since July 2007 and ghost stories that originate over 100 years ago.

The Haunted Mortuary also is home to a Ghost Image & EVP Exhibit featuring ghostly mortuary photos and EVPs by ghost hunters and enthusiasts who have visited the mansion as well as the most famous photos and EVPs known throughout the world, a Séance Chamber & Simulator, an on-site theater for screenings and special presentations, guided tours and more. The mansion is also the perfect venue for private parties and special events.


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